Wyoming Catastrophic Injury Attorney

injured man on stretcher being moved onto ambulanceA catastrophic injury can happen at any time. A catastrophic injury can include death, traumatic brain injury, and other serious injuries. As your Wyoming injury attorney, we will be able to guide you through the legal process.

Catastrophic Injuries

As an injury lawyer in Wyoming, we will share that an injury lawsuit can be a difficult road to walk. Getting the right compensation for your traumatic brain injury means having a top-notch legal team on your side.

Brain Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury

Before you decide to institute a claim, we recommend consulting our office. We will be able to:
injured man on stretcher being moved onto ambulance

  • Tell you if your case has merit or not. There are different degrees of brain injury, from the very minor to a traumatic brain injury
  • Use our experience as injury attorneys to deal with various cases of brain injury and traumatic brain injury
  • Work out a fair settlement, by looking at not only the cost of treating the brain injury or traumatic brain injury but also the cost in terms of lost economic opportunity
  • Figure out who will need additional monetary compensation. Someone who has a long life ahead of them would typically require more care over the course of the brain injury than someone nearing the end of their life
  • As a Wyoming personal injury lawyer, we will also raise the issue of the pain and suffering you and your family have been through as a result of the brain injury or traumatic brain injury
  • Help you understand that there is a lot more to suing for a brain injury or traumatic brain injury than simply assigning blame
  • Give you an idea what settlement for your brain injury your injury lawyer in Wyoming might be able to secure for you. The worse the brain injury is, the higher the settlement should be
  • Provide a consultation. As a responsible injury lawyer in Wyoming, we always suggest that you come in and let us analyze your case

Contact an experienced Catastrophic Injury lawyer

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured, you can rely on a Edwards Law for experienced help advocating for your rights and pursuing compensation. We are proud to provide the victimized with superior representation to help maximize their recovery, both physically and financially.

To find out more about how we can help you, call us at (307) 883-2222 or email our firm using the site contact form below to schedule a free initial consultation. During this meeting, you will receive clear, honest legal advice about your case, your rights and your best options for moving forward.

What Our Clients Say

“John was terrific. Easy to communicate with, very quick to respond, very professional yet easy going. Really appreciate it.”
– Allison B.

“A sincere joy to work with John and other staff members of the Edwards Law Office!”
– William S.

“We were very satisfied with John’s work ethic, knowledge and speed. Very good communication skills, very pleasant man.”
– John S.

“I am very satisfied with the service and outcome of my case.”
– Claire P.

“They were very helpful and courteous.”
– Robert H.

“I feel like the attorneys (and staff) really cared about me and my situation. The collective knowledge of Jack, John and Kaden really helped further my case for a win. Watching Jack carefully and precisely dismantle [opposing] counsel’s position was a real delight!!”
– Nathan K.

“I wish more lawyers were like Mr. Edwards. He cares a great amount for his clients if you’re injured during work, Jack is your advocate.”
– Garret E.

“I received excellent representation from this law firm. I highly recommend they to handle your case.”
– Mark V.

“Edwards Law Office investigated all avenues to get us a fair settlement. They kept us abreast of all the proceedings and progress, providing us with the information we needed to make our decisions. I highly recommend Edwards Law Office.”
– Robert S.

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