The Edwards Law Office: Putting Personalized Care in Every Case For Over 20 Years

The Edwards Law Office is a firm that specializes in personal injury law. Each of the members of this team has made Etna, Wyoming their home and they have adopted small-town values. The lawyers in this office are focused on providing personalized care for each client to get them the best representation possible. We take every case seriously because we know how important it is to our client’s lives.

Edward’s Law Office maintains a small firm size which provides the best benefits. Edward has been practicing law in Wyoming for over 20 years and knows how to work with fellow attorneys, insurance companies, expert witnesses, judges, and more. Edward is dedicated to representing people who have suffered accidents and have been injured.

The Edwards team specializes in cases involving catastrophic injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, car accidents, and much more. We navigate, negotiate, and litigate each case of our client’s cases as if they were our own- making their problems our problems.

Personal Injury

Our Wyoming law firm is dedicated to providing you with exceptional advocacy, advice, and communication while you heal from your injuries. We focus our attention on those who have been injured or mistreated by others in order for them to receive the highest level of client service possible while they are dealing with their case at hand. It’s my goal that each person here has made an easy decision when it comes time for legal representation! Let us personalize this process today so we can get results just as quickly–or even sooner!–than any other attorney would do if given one chance against me

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